View CS2 Mini Bus 13 Str WB High /Roof

Inherited from legacy and devoted to innovation, VIEW manifests an air of elegance in every designing detail. The pursuit of perfection in space, performance, safety and workmanship never ends.Excellent handling and driving experience leads you to a visionary future. It has gained the reputation of being the most fuel-efficient. Continuously, the View has satisfied various demands and has provided customers with an efficient solution for short-haul passenger transportation and business operations.


VIEW is the 4th generation of Foton Vans - VIEW. Integrating the ergonomic and humanistic design and global technology applications such as 3TZ Engines, Foton VIEW vehicles provide enterprises, public agencies and individual customers with great value, high efficiency and a comfortable riding experience.

Low vibration & low noise, comfortable & stable

  • The use of non-adjustable gap of the hydraulic valve clearance device to reduce noise.
  • Using the balance axis to control the two inertia force, reduce vibration and noise.
  • Piston, connecting rod lightweight design can reduce vibration, noise.
  • Torsional vibration pulley design.
  • The use of electronic throttle, fine idle adjustment.
  • Optimization design for the engine damping system.


The 3TZ high performance gasoline engine is featured with power, economy and reliability. Using DOHC, 4 valve cylinder head, multi hole injector, and miniaturization roof vortex combustion chamber to improve the combustion efficiency and achieve the high-performance output.

  • POWER Kw/ HP : 120 Kw / 160 HP
  • TORQUE (N.m): 260 Nm
  • Exhaust emission standard: EURO 5

The engine adopts the advanced technology such as in-line, four-cylinder, 16-valve, timing chain, double overhead camshaft, DVVT, exhaust gas recirculation, 32-position electronic control system, air intake VVT technology, control valve opening time, Various conditions, performance improvement, super fuel economy:

  • Idle, light load: stable combustion, the engine running smoothly, improve fuel economy.
  • Medium load: improved fuel economy (3% to 5%), improved emissions control.
  • Medium low speed, heavy load: Lifting torque / power (5% to 10%).
  • High speed, heavy load: to enhance the engine power (5% to 8%).
  • The use of aluminum alloy cylinder boring cylinder liner, taking into account the light weight and reliability.
  • Metal cylinder pad, to ensure the reliability of the situation in the harsh conditions


With the simple and avant-garde design style, Solemn and elegant overall shape. It has an elegant and graceful appearance, whose smooth line and luxurious interior show success style.

Follow the gorgeous and steady style of front face, and adopt the design of vertical tail lamp.In combination with brilliant aluminum alloy hub, slender high roof and coherent belt line create momentum of stability and business noble.

Gorgeous crystal headlamps with sharp style to shape the heart-breaking and charming "crystal" style.Flat wing type stereo front grille, highlighting the high-end business.Elegant chrome plated door handle.Body with the same color / rear mirror with chromate treatment.


The interiors highlight the luxury and business atmosphere.

Interior design follows the "luxury and business" design concept, with the integration of advanced functions and handmade sense of technology, to create a delicate interior style. The space utilization rate is higher than that of competing products. The layout is more reasonable, and the operation is more convenient. More goods can be placed.


The driving force and braking force of the front and rear wheels and the left and right wheels are controlled by ECU to ensure the lateral stability of the vehicle, and the vehicle is driven according to the driver's wishes. ESC integrates a number of functions including ABS, EBD, TCS, HBA, HHC and HAC/DAC, enhancing driving stability and safety in a more all-around way.The main and auxiliary airbags effectively protect the front occupants from injury, and improve the driving safety.The wide inner space and its proper layout ensure enough space length, width and height to improve crash safety, and scientific body structure design ensures high safety in frontal and side impacts.The whole car seats are equipped with three-point safety belt with pre-tightening force, which can improve the safety of passengers. HD parking camera can rapidly identify rear obstacles. With parking lines, it is easy and controllable for parking.