BJ6122 Luxury Coach 49+1+1 - 12 M

With outstanding technology, Foton AUV 12m luxury bus performs excellently in middle-long-journey road passenger transport busy and important routes, pickup and delivery service for high-end tourism and fleet.

Under the elegant appearance is our repeated surpassing in fashion. Sharp design perfectly integrates dynamic feeling, elegance and technology. This luxury bus (Highway Type/Tourist Type) are mainly used for overseas middle and long-distance highway passenger transportation, fixed-route tourism transportation and high-end shuttle service. Outstanding technology achieves outstanding performance.

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  • More than 100,000km vehicle test CAE simulation experiment in high & low temperature, low tension and other severe environment.
  • 20(Commission) +20(Quality) professional test track before delivery.

Extremely strict detection Going through the rigorous vehicle detection and rollover test over 100 thousand kilometers in the condition of various road types and under the harshest weather conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and low pressure.

Excellent task ability

  • Cobbled road, rock road, bumpy road, twist road.
  • Provide quality commitment of excellent performance exceeding 1.5 million km without major overhauling as well as super-long maintenance interval of 100,000 km.

Comfort for everyone

The vehicle detection result is superior to the national cabin air quality standard for long distance coach, which is leading in the industry and makes you have a pleasant journey.


FOTON Bus’s excellent-equipped dynamic system is high-efficient and energy saving.

Equipped ISGe4 350 energy conservation power, adopt iFOTON and e-AIR intelligent cooling system assisted by lightweight body, and the whole vehicle can save fuel above 20%.

  • MAX. POWER (Kw / HP) : 257 Kw / 350 HP
  • TORQUE (Nm) : 1800 Nm
  • Exhaust emission standard: EURO 4
  • Leading lightweight and modular design: Has 50% fewer parts for improved reliability and ease of servicing;
  • Original iBrake technology: Delivers 25-50% more braking horsepower than “bleeder”. Comprehension brakes-Provides better downhill control and safer vehicle operation; Extends service brake life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • LBSC technology: Intelligent driving achieving optimal fuel efficiency with oil saving by 3L per hundred kilometers;
  • 2000bar high-pressure jet technology: lower fuel consumption; Low speed with high torque;
  • Low emission for a green future: Fully integrated Cummins design with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).
  • Cooling, Lube and Air-flow Systems: High efficiency intake and exhaust ports improve air-flow and reduce fuel consumption.


  • The front face style is abstracted from the graceful, agility and glorious crown, which represents Bus's ambition to win the throne for interurban bus.
  • Imported Michelin tires, with one Spare tire (anti-explosion).
  • Streamlined design with dynamic and concise features.
  • Through type luggage compartment, pneumatic up-sliding.
  • Crystal Head Light, integrated halogen and LED light-source design, highlighting the balance between aesthetics and economy.
  • Rear light with dot-matrix LED light belt design.
  • Ram-type intake grille, with intake efficiency increased above 20%, making a complement with rear window and rear light.


  • Noise-proof: Topping D8NW Technology; Interior noise decreased to 70 dB (A) at speed of 90 km/h.
  • Vehicle-mounted WIFI and USB.
  • 49 adjustable seats with USB charger and 3 point safety belts, complying with aeronautical design.
  • Luxury instrument and trimming, moulding roof panel.
  • Independent elliptic dome light, step lights, reading lamp.
  • Aero two side luggage rack.
  • Luxurious floor, noise reduction and sound insulation.
  • Visual and audio system with front and middle LCD.
  • One refrigerator.​


  • Adopt multiple closed-loop fully-loading structure and high-performance lightweight vehicle body, pass side-rolling crash tests, and safety performance exceeds industrial level.
  • Body skeleton with high-strength alloy steel.
  • Anti-corrosion: Full implement of vehicle electrophoresis.
  • IFOTON system monitor with front, middle and reversed with cameras cover.
  • Engine Compartment Temperature Alarm System and Automatic Fire Sprinklers.
  • Full set of anti-fire equipment: Firewall Plate, Vehicle Flame-retardant Material, and Emergency Evacuation System.