Over 4 million Aumark trucks which integrate technology from Cummins and Daimler have been produced since 2003. The key to Aumarks success is its DNA, taking the best products from world best suppliers and building them into a Light Duty Truck that represents exceptional value for money.

At the heart of Aumark is the Cummins engine. All Cummins do is build engines, that’s why they are one of the best and biggest engine manufacturers in the world. And they are standard fit across the entire Foton Aumark range. Cummins has built a reputation producing low emission, light weight, economical and powerful engines, and the perfect fit for the Foton Aumark.

Foton Aumark features ZF transmissions across the range. ZF is recognized as one of the world’s leading transmission manufacturer – the perfect match for one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers.


Wastegate turbocharger: Cummins turbochargers ensure excellent engine performance and fast response over all speed ranges and torque ranges.

High pressure common rail fuel system: Helps the engine achieve accurate, fast power output while reducing noise and fuel economy.

  • MAX POWER (Kw /HP): 112Kw / 150 HP(115Kw / 154 HP)
  • Max. Torque(N.m): 500 N.m
  • Exhaust emission standard: EURO 4

Efficient power output

Precise Electronic Control Module (ECM): High-speed processing capability for optimum machine load requirements, fuel economy and emissions control.

“ESP”Multi-status Switch : The gear shifting mode can depend on vehicle running status for a better balance between power and economy. “Economy” for idle load, “Standard” for highway driving, “Power” for overload & climbing.


  • Remote controlled central lock.
  • Three-point pretension seat belts for all seats protect the personal safety of driver/passengers.
  • Driver seat belt Alarm system.
  • Halogen front lamps with DRL.
  • SRS airbags guarantee maximum protection
  • Rear view camera with reverse sensor.
  • Equipped four-channel ABS + EBD, the Aumark S enables you to maintain steering wheel control and driving stability during heavy braking.
  • Fog Lights.
  • Large Rear View mirrors for better view.
  • Cruise control. 


Advanced rigid body and reduced weight

  • High strength steel cargo box
  • Aluminum alloy fuel tank, Air cylinder & Power steering pump
  • The lightweight body satisfies ECER29 regulation

The front-turn cab design allows users to better maintain and repair.

AUMARK S sets the door opening range from different angles, so that it can be easily accessed even in a narrow space and a place with a large traffic volume.Multi leaf springs (front and rear)


  • Adjustable steering wheel.
  • AM/FM radio + audio input port (AUX + USB).
  • 24 V Power outlet.