As the future of the country, every child deserves more care. Foton has Ensured safe and smooth transport for children of all ages in UAE by setting up international safety standards & measures applicable to all school buses in the Emirates.

High-strength body structure, key part fireproof material and 360-degree humanized design protect every trip of the children. As the world’s leading power Cummins engine, it has excellent performances. Adopting the mature chassis in bus industry, the fault rate is quite low. The extremely strict tests of national authorities for body structure and the extra protective design for key parts make the bus more safe and reliable. EU standard for fire resistance and interiors design, it supplies all-round care for the children.



More than 100,000km vehicle test CAE simulation experiment in high & low temperature, low tension and other severe environment. 20(Commission) +20(Quality) professional test track before delivery.

Highly Advanced detection

Advanced detection platform Foton owns National standard-level lines of digitization, speed test rig, sideslip test-bed, axle load, ABS test-bed, brake test detection system and others, securing the certification and accreditation from German TUV Rheinland and CNAS national laboratory.

Excellent task ability

Excellent testing technology Foton products go through the rigorous vehicle detection and rollover test over 100 thousand kilometers in the condition of various road types and under the harshest weather conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and low pressure.

Comfort for everyone

With fantastic combination of design technology and sustainability, it offers extreme comfort to the driver and children.


FOTON Bus’s excellent-equipped dynamic system is high-efficient and energy saving.

Equipped ISDe245 40 energy conservation power, adopt iFOTON and e-AIR intelligent cooling system assisted by lightweight body, and the whole vehicle can save fuel above 20%.

  • MAX. POWER (Kw / HP): 180 kw / 245 HP
  • TORQUE (N.m): 950 N.m.
  • Exhaust emission standard: EURO 4
  • Leading lightweight and modular design: Has 50% fewer parts for improved reliability and ease of servicing.
  • Original iBrake technology: Delivers 25-50% more braking horsepower than “bleeder”. Comprehension brakes, providing better downhill.
  • Spheros A/C system improved special for UAE market.
  • ZF Tek transmission: Low noise emission through optimized helical gears; Maintenance-free synchronizers over full transmission lifetime. 
  • Clutch: High constant coefficient of friction; Smooth engagement performance; High heat resistance (fading); Low wear rate & High-speed stability.​


  • Streamlined design with dynamic and concise features.
  • Strong visual impact with modern and high-tech sense.
  • All-round monitor system: 6 channels recording of 7cameras (including reverse camera) simultaneously (outer & inner).
  • Front & rear destination signboards.
  • 11R22.5 heating resisting tire, with one spare tire will be placed in special cabin.
  • Emergency exit on the left side.
  • Emergency window exits on each side.
  • Crystal Head Light, integrated halogen and LED light-source design, highlighting the balance between aesthetics and economy.


  • Noise-proof: Topping D8NW Technology;
  • Semicircular instrument panel with integrated and humanistic layout, through ABS suction plastic and foaming filler process.
  • Anti-grinding floor leather.
  • Driver roof lamp, Independent elliptic dome light, step lights & reading lamp.
  • School signal light.
  • First aid box with sign.


Foton has Ensured safe and smooth transport for children of all ages in UAE by setting up international safety standards & measures applicable to all school buses in the emirate.

  • Channel monitoring and recording from multiple interior and exterior Cameras (including reverse).
  • School bus inspect system ensuring all children have departed the bus at the final disembarkation point.
  • Electronic stop rod on the driver’s side.
  • 2 sided luggage racks for bags, designed to ensure minimum movement.
  • 3 Point type safety belts for all passenger seats and driver.
  • Low floor steps with light assist.
  • Collision-proof: High-strength alloy steel is applied with higher yield strength increased by 50% than that of common steel. With fine low temperature weathering resistance and firm structure, it ensures driving safety.
  • Adopt multiple closed-loop fully-loading structure and high-performance lightweight vehicle body, pass side-rolling crash tests, and safety performance exceeds industrial level.
  • Body skeleton with high-strength alloy steel.
  • IFOTON system monitor with front, middle and reversed with cameras cover.
  • Engine Compartment Temperature Alarm System and Automatic Fire Sprinklers.
  • Full set of anti-fire equipment: Firewall Plate, Vehicle Flame-retardant Material, and Emergency Evacuation System.